Five Reasons Darts Is A Global Phenomenon

Darts has exploded in popularity in recent years. Around the world, people are glued to their television screens following the action, and they’re traveling to watch their heroes battle it out in the flesh.

The wild popularity of darts is a surprise to some, but any lover of the game understands the attraction. Are you keen to enjoy darts but you’re not sure exactly why you should jump into the action? Here’s a closer look at the five reasons that darts has grown to become a truly global phenomenon.

The Fans Are Part of the Game

We have all heard about “the 12th man” in football – a reference to the importance of the crowd and its ability to establish the tone of a game. But when it comes to darts, the fans are really something else!

Thousands of people attend some of the biggest games and they are known for getting into the action. The fun-loving crowd is glued to the action and celebrate each great dart while lamenting every unfortunate miss. This energy really draws people into the game and it’s little wonder that the game is so fun to watch.

International Popularity

The game is becoming more and more popular around the world. In the past, it was traditionally only ever enjoyed by a few European nations. Now, there are show-stopping players who hail from all around the world.

With each new star that emerges from a new country, legions of fans join the sport to follow and support them. There is a tidal wave effect in motion and new players and fans are added at an exponential rate.

Big Characters

The world of professional darts is dominated by a few larger-than-life personalities who make the game so compelling to watch. Those characters are naturally magnetic but getting to see them interact is a huge part of the fun.

The players and the crowd understand that the game is a battle of mental wits just as much as it’s a technical game – the first person to blink will undoubtedly lose. This leads to some incredibly tense experiences and the emotion really runs incredibly high!

Best of all, many of the players seem to be incredibly good-natured people who have a passion for the sport – they’re happy to share the fun with the fans.

A Simple Yet Elegant Game

On the surface, many people are intimidated by the fast math that has to be performed in darts. It can make the game seem somewhat inaccessible and mysterious, but it’s really simple to get into the game and understand what’s happening.

In fact, darts is simpler to understand than many other sports and that’s part of the reason there is such a mass appeal to the game. After the fans have gotten the basic, they’ll also be able to understand the wider complexity.

The Hype Is Real

Another big reason for the boost in popularity is the fact that the sport delivers on all of the hype. Every new fan is immediately drawn into the game and they unfailingly bring others with them – it’s why darts continues to be so much fun!

Source : Darts 501